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Cotton Towel Price Trend - What will happen if no Xinjiang Cotton

In the year 2020/2021, Cotton Yield all over the world is more than 24339 Thousand Tons, Cotton Yield in China is 6423 Thousand Tons, which is the Top one of cotton yield in the world, with more than 26% in the world production; The Top second is India by 6009 thousands Tons of cotton yield, about 25% in the cotton yield all over the world; Usually, China Cotton is 23%-27% of the world's Cotton production, and Xinjiang Cotton is 87%-90% of All of China's Cotton Production. Right is the Cotton Production data in pictures

News Date: July. 14, 2022.

Cotton Yield in the world

If more than a quarter of all world cotton delete from the cotton supplier, the cotton price will rise is not hard to imagine.


China is the largest Towels Export Country in the world, Exported about 2000 million pcs cotton towels and cotton terry products in 2019, That value is About 1000 million US dollars of cotton terry towels products.

China Cotton Terry Towels export import
China Cotton Towels export import vaue


China, Pakistan, and India are the Top 3 Towels Export countries in the world, cotton towels from China ratio 46% all over the world in 2016, China has the largest textiles industry in the world, and Xinjiang Cotton is the most important in China textile Production, Upon so many years textile production history, Xinjiang Cotton should be anywhere in China Textile Production, including fabrics, home textiles, cotton towels, and other textile industrial production. China is the Top one Cotton Production Country all over the world, and the Top one Cotton consumption Country, the most important country in the textile industry.

Cotton Yarn for towels


The USA Prohibits Xinjiang Cotton in Consumer products, UFLPA starts execution in June.21,2022, USA Customs will ask the importer to certify not have Xinjiang Cotton, Or USA Customs will detain the goods. That’s will be full of complex work for the importer to certify no Xinjiang Cotton from China Supplier, All of the complex work or detain goods will be found expression in the cotton products price.

Xinjiang Cotton harvest by machine


In the long Cotton textile production history, the cotton yarn producer usually made the different areas of cotton together to produce the custom cotton textile, Xinjiang Cotton is usually together with another area cotton in cotton textiles products, the same happened as the cotton towels production rules. China exported about 60 thousand tons of Xinjiang Cotton to the USA in 2021, the 60 thousand tons were produced together with another area of cotton in the textile production process


Cotton Yarn Production Supplier


In order to keep successfully in the USA market, China imports more cotton from other countries, that have caused the international cotton price to rise. Such As India, The cotton textiles price have been rising as China imports more cotton from India and other countries, which will cause Textile prices to rise in the world market. Pls check left picture which show India Export Cottons Trend and Import cotton trend

India Cotton Price risign trend


Consider the Ukraine War, and USA reject Xinjiang Cottons, the Cotton textiles cost including cotton towels cost will be in long times rising and expensive in the long future from now.

Writend by EverBen Towels
Sep.8th, 2022.


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