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Audit by ISO9000/ISO14000+BSCI China Custom Towel Supplier, More than 1000sets equipment and machines including: dying, tricot machine,weft knitting machine, rapier loom Machine, sewing machine and so on. View More of China EverBen Video here

Custom Bamboo Towels Producer

20 Years Custom Bamboo Towels Producer

Produce Bulk Custom Towels Export To The world market since 1997, Customized Towels by Bamboo/Cotton/Microfiber materials, Satified of Oeko-TexStandard100 Standard, Including Face Towels, Hand Towels, Bulk cotton bath towels, Quicky Dry Hair Towels, Cleaning Towels, Promotional Towels, Air Towels

Bulk Custom compact travel towel Manufacturer

800 Workers China Bespoke Towels Factory

800 workers Produce: 300000 pcs face towels/month, 250000 pcs Bath towels/month, 500000 pcs Hand Towels/month, also can do beach towels, kitchen towels, Cleaning Towels, Car Towels, Cotton Waffle Towels and so on...

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China EverBen Custom Towels Supplier

Bulk Wholesale Towel Cloth Manufacturer


Make your bulk purchase order directly from 20 Years China EverBen Towels--Custom Microfiber Luxury Towels Exporter, No Middle Man Cost between buyer and factories, As a ISO Audit Bespoke Microfiber bath Towel Manufacturer and BSCI Audit Bulk Microfiber Towels Company, We can Bulk Produce the Microfiber Towels in good quality with Custom Logo or brand name for bulk wholesaler importer in all the world.


China bulk EverBen Custom Towels Supplier


850 workers Fast Dry microfiber Towel Producer can make your order quickly delivery time, Should Printing on the bulk microfiber towels for buyer's promotional activity, used for promotional gift for outdoor sport games, Yoga, running, tennis, and so on, Custom different size, weight and printing on the towels, Custom Production Microfiber towels every day. They are soft, good absorbent, quick dry, cool feeling.

China Bulk Wholesale Custom microfiber chamois Towels Supplier

Microfiber Towel Uses

Car detailing is a popular use for microfiber towels, but there are many ways to use these handy cloths around your home or office. They work for most cleaning purposes in any setting.

Other uses for microfiber towels and cloths include:


China Custom Dyeing Towels Factory

  • Drying spills: Its high absorbency makes microfiber an ideal material to keep around for spills. Keep the towels in the kitchen, work areas and other places where spills are likely. You can absorb the liquid quickly before it spreads or makes a bigger mess.
  • Dry-dusting surfaces: Because the microfiber is statically charged, it does a great job of attracting dust on picture frames, shelves and other surfaces in your home. It traps that dust instead of just pushing it around or making it fall on other surfaces. If you have microfiber cloths, you won’t need cleaners for dusting.
  • Wiping countertops in the kitchen: The effectiveness of microfiber makes it an ideal way to clean your countertops. You can wipe up many messes without even wetting the towel. If you do have a stubborn mess, dampen the microfiber slightly to clean. Since microfiber also traps some bacteria, using it to clean your kitchen can help eliminate germs to keep the countertops sanitary.
  • Wiping areas that are frequently touched: Doorknobs, light switches and similar surfaces get a lot of touches each day. That adds up to a lot of dirt, germs and other debris. Clean them regularly with microfiber towels to help minimize spreading those contaminants.

China bulk microfibre best microfiber towels Supplier

  • Cleaning windows without streaks: The fast-absorbing nature of microfiber makes it ideal for cleaning your windows without streaks. You may be able to polish the windows clean without any cleaner.
  • Wiping appliances: Remove dirt, dust and other debris from your appliances with microfiber.
  • Cleaning floors: If you don’t mind getting down on your hands and knees, you can wipe up your floors using the microfiber towels. Dampen the towel slightly to help remove dirt marks.
  • Any cleaning jobs when you would normally use paper towels or other cloths: Microfiber is suitable for basically any cleaning job you have around your home or office. 
  • Cleaning all bathroom surfaces: Another place that benefits from a good cleaning is the bathroom. Keep microfiber towels on hand that are used only for cleaning the bathroom surfaces. They’re also good for wiping up puddles of water after showers because they are so absorbent.
  • Many other uses for Quickly Hair Drying, Bathroom Towels, Sport Games, Hair Salon, Rally Games, Outdoor Gift, Beach Towels, Hotels and Airplane towels and so on.


China Custom Bulk chemical guys wooly mammoth drying towel Supplier


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call us Email Us Call Us 0086-(0)-13833124686 WeChat ID: Ever-OK
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call usEmail Us Call Us 0086-(0)-13833124686 WeChat ID: Ever-OK

call usEmail Us Call Us 0086-(0)-13833124686 WeChat ID: Ever-OK

call us Email Us Call Us 0086-(0)-13833124686 WeChat ID: Ever-OK

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call us Email Us Call Us 0086-(0)-13833124686 WeChat ID: Ever-OK
call us Email Us Call Us 0086-(0)-13833124686 WeChat ID: Ever-OK
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