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Custom Disposable Towels Produce-003


China Bulk barber shop hotel Non woven cotton disposable salon towel Supplier

Disposable Cleaning Wipe Rags Producer



China EverBen Towels is your top choice Supplier from China Directly


We Bulk Produce and Export Non-woven Fabric Quick Dry Disposable Hair Salon Towel for One Time Use

Product name
Non-woven disposable towel
100% viscose or 100% Cotton
Disposable,Soft,Water absorption
Skin type
All skin type, normal, combination, oily, dry, sensitive
20 pieces / bags
Sheet size
20*20 cm,Or customized
60 gsm or other weight
5000 bags
Payment Terms
T/T,L/C, Western Union,Paypal etc.
Delivery time
Inventory samples are below 1000 bags for 7 days,1000-10000 bags for 7-15 days, and above 10000 bags for 15 -30 days.
Packaging info
20 packs/carton;  Carton size: 41*21*21 cm; Package weight: 1.35 KG


luxury disposable hand towels Supplier for Germany France Italy Netherlands Norway Middle-East USA


Non - woven fabric, pure cotton fiber, soft skin - friendly, water absorption, suitable for home visitors, Travel on business and stay at a hotel, Spa massage, Sunbathe on the beach. Products of moderate thickness, disposable health, non - woven fabrics degradation environmental protection.


barber shop hotel Non woven cotton disposable salon towel Supplier

Disposable non woven fabric facial tissue towel beauty roll package dry wet wipes Towels Supplier

disposable wood pulp towel salon non woven one time us foot spa towel Manufacturer

Wholesale custom disposable spunlace non-woven fabric towel baby skin-friendly face towel Producer

China EverBen Bulk Non woven Disposable Cleaning Towels Production Machine

We do Non Woven Disposable Salon Towels

Our EverBen Towel Manufacturer bulk produce Disposable Cleaning Cloth Roll, Disposable Bed Sheet, Disposable Face Towel, Disposable Compressed Towel, Disposable Bath Towel, Disposable Hand Towels, Disposable Hair Towels export to all world market, Can do many different patterens of embossed surface, The embossed surface paterens increase surface area to absorb liquids and suck up dirt. These square cotton pads are great for using on the face to remove makeup, apply toner or other facial serums, for makeup and personal care.

China Bulk Custom Disposable Compressed Towels Producer

China Bulk Disposable Towels Manufacturer

Quality Custom Disposable Towel for Europe and North America & Occupational Health and Safety

ISO Audit(ISO 9001+ ISO 14001 + ISO 45001) Bespoke Cotton Disposable Towel Manufacturer, BSCI Audit Bulk Non Woven Hand Towels Gifts Company, keep good quality by ISO Quality Contral Management in Production and at the end of packing process. We Produce the bulk non woven fabrics ourselves, and cut them by our auto machine, and can be compress the non woven disposable towels by buyers' request. Our EverBen Towel company Export them for All World, They welcomed by Sports Players, Travelers, Yoga Players, Home, Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant, Salons, Beauty Parlor and More others...

China disposable paper towels Factory for America Canada
ISO Audit China EverBen Compressed Towels Wholesale Disposable Face Towels bulk producer

Large Capacity of Viscose Disposable Towel Ensure Bulk Delivery On Time

Our Auto Cutting Machine can produce 600 Tons every month, We can do the Disposable Face Towels Gift Wrapped up and down of the roll with hardboard, outside with over 8 layers wrapping film, The Automatic Towel Machine can keep all same good quality for every disposable towels to final buyer.

compressed travel towel Factory
EverBen Disposable Bathroom Shower Non Woven Bath Biodegradable Towel manufactory
White Cotton Nonwoven Disposable Travel Cleaning Face Towel Rolls Supplier


call usEmail Us Call Us 0086-(0)-13833124686 WeChat ID: Ever-OK

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call us Email Us Call Us 0086-(0)-13833124686 WeChat ID: Ever-OK
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